Mercedes Benz India will not assemble any other EV in India in the next two years

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Mercedes Benz India will not assemble any other EV in India in the next two years apart from the EQS. The company will wait to see how its EV portfolio sells before deciding on further localisation. The locally assembled EQS will roll out from the Chakan facility next month.

“In the short term, we have no plans of locally assembling any other EV than the EQS. But if 25 per cent of our sales are to come from EVs, then eventually we will have to assemble them in India,” said Santosh Iyer, director, sales and marketing, Mercedes Benz India Ltd (MBIL).

Globally, Mercedes has a range of seven EVs starting from the EQA, the EQB, EQC, EQE, EQS, EQT, and EQV, each corresponding to internal combustion engine (ICE) models such as the A-Class, the C-Class, the E-Class, the S-Class and the V-Class.

The Indian subsidiary has brought the EQC and has plans to roll out the EQS and the EQB this year. It is also planning to get the EQE for India. When asked if it would bring the EQA to India, the EV corresponding to the A-Class, Iyer said it has no plans to bring a small EV 

“We are focusing on the top end because we are a true luxury brand and our revenues come from the top end.” 

“Localisation takes a planning of 18 months. So we decided on the localization of EQS 18 months back. Six months after we launched EQC we were convinced that there was a market for EVs and we took a decision about the localisation of EQS,” said Iyer.

He said India was at an inflexion point in EV adoption and there will be no problem with demand.”We would not have localised if we were not convinced of selling the EQS.

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