Milk essential drink for children Why How ?!

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There are several reasons why milk is considered an essential drink for children. Drinking milk has many advantages for the body. We all remember our growing up years, where drinking one to two glasses of milk every day was absolutely non-negotiable. Once seen as a must-have for a growing child, milk today has many detractors who claim that it should be completely removed from your diet. However, the fact remains that milk continues to be an extremely nutrient-dense food, especially during the formative years of a child. 

Benefits of drinking milk for kids

There are many benefits of drinking milk every day, especially for children who are active throughout the day and are growing quickly. Here are some of the biggest advantages of milk 

1. A complete nutrient-dense drink

A large percentage of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (the estimated amount of a particular nutrient needed daily to maintain good health) for many vitamins and minerals gets fulfilled through having milk every day, which is why it should be an important part of the diet for your growing child.

2. Protects bones from rickets

Milk has a high calcium content, thus, making it an excellent drink for healthy bones. Drinking milk daily prevents bone loss and ensures good bone health. We need vitamin D for proper absorption of calcium. Milk contains vitamin D which helps prevent rickets, and softening of bones due to vitamin D deficiency.

3. Rich source of protein

Milk is a rich source of quality protein. In fact, one cup of milk contains 8g of protein which helps in the growth and development of kids, while also boosting the immune system. There are two types of protein present in milk — casein and whey protein— and both are considered high-quality proteins. The best part about milk protein is that it contains all 9 amino acids that are necessary for the optimal functioning of the body.

4. Prevents tooth decay

Tooth decay is highly common in children. Milk protects the teeth’s enamel and strengthens the gums. Due to the presence of calcium and phosphorous in the milk, children never suffer from tooth decay if they drink milk regularly. Allow your child to drink milk instead of water while having meals

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