Misbehaving with Actress Aparna law student suspended

staff reporter

The Law student Misbehaved with actor Aparna Balamurali at an event in Ernakulam, has been suspended by the college, 

The team of the film Thankam including Aparna and Vineeth Srinivasan were in the college to promote the film. While the celebrities were sitting on the stage, the student got on stage without permission from organizers and presented flowers to her. He then asked Aparna to pose with him for a picture and put his hands around her, which made her uncomfortable. She moved away from him and looked visibly upset. Later, the student got on stage and tried to shake her hand but she refused. He also tried to apologise 

Aparna later took to social media and said she was left speechless by his behaviour.

Later, the college union apologised and shared a statement online. "It is very regrettable that the unfortunate incident happened against the film star at the union inauguration ceremony held at Law College today (18/01/2023). During the incident itself, the union official tried to prevent such behaviour and expressed regret on behalf of the union. The college union sincerely regrets the difficulty the star has faced in connection with this incident. The union is looking at such an issue very seriously," a part of the statement read

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