Mission LiFE Takes Center Stage: BEE Champions  PM Modis Vision for a Sustainable Future: DGAbhay Bhakre


Mission LiFE Takes Center Stage: BEE Champions  PM  Narendra Modi's Vision for a Sustainable Future

  • BEE Programs Align with LiFE, Intensify Outreach for Nationwide Impact
  • In 2022-23, BEE Deliver savings: 50.98 MTOE , Thermal Energy : 24.68 MTOE, Electricity: 306.55 Billion Units, Financial Gains: Rs 194,320 Environmental Impact: 306.40 Million Tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
  • Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R. K. Singh commended BEE for its innovative and world-leading schemes and programs, which are being replicated globally.
  • Director General Abhay Bhakre calls upon State Designated Agencies (SDAs) of all Stated including Telangana to spearhead Mission LiFE's success through grassroots involvement and strategic actions.
  • Hyderabad one of the best Cosmopolitan Cities in the Globe Steps Up for LiFE
  • LIFE aims to mobilize one billion individuals globally and make 80% of India's villages and urban areas environmentally friendly by 2028

Hyderabad, March 3: In a momentous push for environmental stewardship, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is spearheading the nationwide rollout of Mission LiFE, urging State Designated Agencies (SDAs) of all States including Telangana to champion Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious initiative. This mission aims to inspire individuals to contribute to India's climate goals, fostering a win-win situation for the public and the nation.

BEE Celebrates Success, Sets Sights on LiFE

Speaking at the 22nd formation day of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE),MOP, GOI, Director General Abhay Bhakre highlighted the remarkable achievements in energy efficiency. He announced that the adoption of energy efficiency schemes and programs of BEE led to substantial energy savings in the order of 50.98 Million Tonnes of oil Equivalent( MTOE) for the year 2022-23. Furthermore, these initiatives resulted in thermal energy savings of 24.68 Million Tonnes of oil Equivalent and electricity savings totaling 306.55 Billion Units, translating into huge monetary savings worth Rs 194,320 crore per annum and a reduction in CO2 emissions by approximately 306.40 Million Tonnes annually.

Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R. K. Singh, alongside Power Secretary Pankaj Agarwal and Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Power, Ajay Tewari, extended their congratulations to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). They commended BEE for its innovative and world-leading schemes and programs, which are being replicated globally.

On the occasion  of Foundation Day of BEE, Adviser of Niti Aayog Govt. of India.Sh.Sudhendu Jyothi Sinha along with Director General, BEE Abhay Bakre, Dy. DG. Ashok Kumar, Media Advisor (South/ UTs) BEE A. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, Secretary, BEE Milind Deora, Directors Abhishek Sarma, Sameer Pandit, released a poster on Mission Life in coordination with the South wing of media advisor of BEE in Delhi.

PM Modi's Vision: A Call to Action at COP26

Abhay Bhakre praised Prime Minister Narendra  Modi's leadership at COP26, where he introduced Mission LiFE . This movement aims to reshape the environmental narrative by promoting mindful consumption and a circular economy, departing from the current "use-and-throw" model. Underscoring their alignment with Mission LiFE's goals, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is leveraging its energy efficiency programs and intensifying its outreach efforts to ensure Mission LiFE reaches every household across the nation.

LiFE, a global mass movement promoting mindful consumption and environmental protection, empowers individuals to become "Pro-Planet People" and contribute to a sustainable future. Launched in 2021, it aims to mobilize one billion individuals globally and make 80% of India's villages and urban areas environmentally friendly by 2028.

A Three-Phased Approach Towards Transformation

Mission LiFE unfolds in three distinct phases. The first phase focuses on individual behavior change, encouraging people to adopt simple yet effective eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. Phase two anticipates a shift in large-scale individual demand, influencing industries and markets to cater to sustainable consumption patterns. Finally, the concluding phase aims to trigger a shift in large-scale industrial and government policies, promoting sustainable production and consumption.

Hyderabad Steps Up for LiFE: Embracing Sustainability for a Brighter Future

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has prioritized major Cosmopolitan and best cities in the world like Hyderabad apart from other major cities in  South such as Bengalore, Chennai, Vizag, Trivendrum in its phased rollout of Mission LiFE, acknowledging its potential to become a national leader in sustainable living. This comprehensive approach encompasses both rural and urban areas, united in the fight against environmental challenges, improving quality of life, and paving the way for a greener future.

BEE. GOI in Co Ordination with Telangana SDA will focus on taking assistance from key departments in particular GHMC keeping in track record of implementing Energy Efficiency Programs.

Hyderabad, with its diverse industries and a growing presence of major global companies, presents a unique opportunity for showcasing the synergy between economic development and environmental responsibility. By embracing Mission LiFE, the City of Hyderabad can leverage its strengths to pioneer advancements in energy efficiency and conservation.

75 Actions for 75 Years: Leading by Example

In line with India's 75th year of independence, Mission LiFE proposes 75 specific, measurable, and easily implementable actions across seven themes. These practices are designed to be non-disruptive to ongoing economic activities and, in fact, promote long-term economic growth.

SDAs: The Backbone of LiFE's Success

The BEE has outlined key actions for SDAs to promote LiFE messages effectively, including social media use, environmental events, and local LiFE chapter formation. Director General Abhay Bhakre urged SDAs to play a pivotal role in Mission LiFE's success, emphasizing grassroots involvement and the impact on broader shifts in demand, supply, and policy for a greener future.

Mission LiFE recognizes individuals' vital role in combating climate change, aiming to create a network of Pro-Planet People and foster environmentally conscious behaviors globally. Amid climate challenges, Mission LiFE unites people worldwide to safeguard the planet and build a sustainable future.

Secretary ,BEE Milind Deora along with Dy. DG Dr. Ashok Kumar, Directors Sourab Didi, SK. Varna, Sameer Pandit,Sunil Khandare,Arijit Sen Guptha, Samal, Abhishek Sarma highlighted the impact of Mission Life in addressing Climate Change.

MD. TS REDCO( Telangana renewable Energy development Corporation Janaiah explained BEE about various Mile stones in the area of Energy Efficiency in the State particularly in the field of Transport..

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