Modi did not bring Yoga Yoga there since time immemorial : Venkaiah Naidu

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Former Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu nudged citizens to speak in their mother tongue, promote Indian culture and be disciplined. Mr Naidu was among the dignitaries who were awarded the 25th SIES Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi National Eminence Award 2022 at the Shanmukhananda Hall in Sion on Saturday 

Among the other dignitaries who received the award were Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, industrialist Ratan Tata, cardiologist Dr Marthanda Varma Sankaran Valiathan, Principal Scientific Advisor in Government of India Prof Ajay K Sood and artist Vishaka Hari. The awards were given by SIES President Dr V Shankar.

Naidu who started talking in Marathi and then moved on to English and Hindi said that Indians needed to embrace their culture. “It is not that when you speak in English you grow. Look at me. Look at the prime minister. Look at the two former presidents. They spoke in their mother tongue. First, learn your mother tongue, then brother tongue and then another tongue. I am not against any language. When I hear things like imposition or oppositionbypeople to a certain language,I say no imposition and opposition but only proposition. Only your character, conduct, caliber and capacity have to be understood by people. That is what will take you ahead,” said Mr Naidu amidst laughter.

"Modi did not bring Yoga. Yoga has been there since time immemorial. He only approached the UN for International Yoga Day, which was accepted. Stay fit and disciplined is what I will tell youth,” he added. Mr Naidu said that Vishwaguru did not mean thatIndia was about bossing or ruling but for a peaceful existence.

Mr Arif Khan said that people needed to take the continuity of Indian heritage forward. “We talk in terms of soul. When Dharmraj asked Ved Vyas why there are so many books and which one should one go by, Vyas told him that if you do good, you earn merit and if you hurt others, it is sin," said Mr Khan.

He added, "India has survivedbecauseof theteachings of the gurus, saints and rishis over a period of time.It has a tradition of knowledge and promotion of wisdom."

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