Mood Of The Nation : Modi 2.0 Is PM Still The Favourite ? ! C Voter Mood of Nation Survey.

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CVoter Mood of Nation Survey: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes two years of his second term and seven years in total in the top job of the country, ABP News along with C-Voter conducted a survey to gauge the mood of nation and understand how it rates Union government’s overall performance Not just Prime Minister's governance model is undergoing a litmus test over his handling of Coronavirus pandemic, the NDA government is also faced with several unprecedented challenges including unemployment, economic crisis, farmers' distress and others .

One of NDA government's major setback was its dismal show in the latest round of Assembly Elections where it not just lost in Tamil Nadu, but also failed to gain grounds in West Bengal where Mamata bagged a gigantic win against Bharatiya Janata Party's formidable election machinery.

After gaining praises for taking historic decisions such as abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, abolition of Triple Talaq and even being credit for Supreme Court's verdict to construct Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Modi government came under scrutiny in early 2020 after the ferocious virus created despair and mayhem, impacting lakhs of families.

During Modi government's first anniversary of its second term last year, the country was under lockdown, but the mood in the BJP was upbeat. However, sentiments might not be the same this time around. 

In order to dig deeper, ABP News and C-Voter reached out to citizens in different states to know what nation thinks and how it rates the Union government's performance after 2 years of its second term.

Similarly, PM Modi's popularity still remains decent with more than 60 per cent respondents stated that they were either completely satisfied or satisfied to an extent with his work. 

Notably, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's performance gained appreciation as there was a slight margin between those who said they were satisfied with his work and those who expressed otherwise.  

Check Findings From The Survey Below:

[NOTE: The people from urban and rural areas gave their responses in terms of very much satisfied, satisfied to some extent and not at all satisfied categories.]

How much satisfied are/ were you with their work. The current Central government led by BJP? 

The survey revealed that 31 per cent of respondents were very much satisfied with the role of Central government led by BJP while 37 per cent said that they were not all all satisfied with the ruling dispensation. 28 per cent participants said that they were satisfied by the BJP to some extent.

How much satisfied are/ were you with their work. Current Prime Minister Narendra Modi? 

In what comes as a matter of concern for BJP, there was a marginal difference between those who were much satisfied (37%) with PM Modi, followed by those who were not at all satisfied (36%). Besides this, 25% of respondents said they were satisfied with the PM to some extent, while 2% said they can't comment.

How much satisfied are/ were you with their work. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi? 

Again ABP News-CVoter survey revealed that as much as 41 per cent respondents said they were not happy with the performance of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while 18 per cent said that they were satisfied by his work as Opposition leader.

It is also worth noting that 22 per cent people felt that they were satisfied to some extent with Rahul Gandhi's work, making his overall satisfactory level to 40 per cent. 

How much satisfied are/ were you with their work. Union Home Minister Amit Shah? 

When asked about Union Home Minister Amit Shah's performance, 28 per cent respondents said they were much satisfied with his work, while 22 per cent said that they were satisfied with Shah's work to some extent. Besides, 37 per cent participants said that they were not satisfied with Amit Shah's performance in the second term, while 13 per cent said they can't comment

The survey conducted by C-Voter revealed that PM Modi-led Central government still holds momentum as around 60 per cent of the respondents said that they were either very satisfied or partially satisfied with its work in the second term.

However, it is worth noting that a large chunk of participants were not satisfied with NDA government's performance. 

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