National Birds Day 2024: Special Day On Jan 5


National Birds Day 2024: National Bird Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the various bird species that inhabit our ecosystem. Humans are usually amazed when they encounter any birds, particularly the environmentalists, who spend hours in the woods or on seabeds to witness them. National Bird Day 2024 marks this fascination by motivating people to explore more about birds and to take action to protect them, especially endangered birds.

This programme is initiated by the Avian Welfare Coalition, which raises awareness of birds captured or grabbed for financial gain or entertainment. The Avian Welfare Coalition's National Bird Day campaign is observed on January 5 every year. The major aims of the awareness are to ease bird suffering by raising awareness of the devastating wild bird trade, the realities of brutal bird breeding mills, and modes to improve the bird's lives in captivity. People have their ways of celebrating this day; many visit their local parks or forests, and others feed birds.

National Birds Day 2024: Date

National Bird Day is celebrated every year on January 5, since its inaugural event in 2002. This year, it falls on Friday. National Bird Day holiday was created to honour the beauty and significance of wild birds. Also, to raise awareness about birds' challenges and how humans can ease them.

National Birds Day 2024: History & significance

With American origin, the National Bird Day has been observed on January 5 since its inaugural in 2002. This date was chosen since January 5 is also the day of the annual 'Christmas Bird Count,' and the national holiday has been observed for a long time in the USA.

Data suggest several bird species, especially the 850 species that dwell in the US and their critical condition. The Avian Welfare Coalition created National Bird Day to raise broad awareness of the issues and plight of the birds and the changes humans can make to develop a healthier, more sustainable relationship with these species.

Various reasons, including climate change, habitat loss, deforestation, and other life-threatening conditions, affect many lives. People from across the US mark and attend events to raise awareness.

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