Navratri 2021: Diet plan your health while fasting

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Navratri 2021 is here and so is all the fun, dance and yummy cuisines. Even if people observe fast on this holy festival, they tend to eat quite a lot of fried and high-on-sugar food which ends up increasing their weight and the health problems. Therefore, it's important for one to keep a check on their meals while fasting for Maa Durga's festival. To help you with that, Dr Smita Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti suggests a full-fledged diet plan for 9 days which you need to follow in order to remain healthy this festive season. She says, "Navratri is a festival of joy, happiness. It is the festival where the puja of Maa Durga is performed. This festival lies in between the change of seasons and hence, to get used to such climate change, we are fasting for 9 days in which we only consume fruit & liquid diet 

Day 1 – Day 3

The first three days (day 1-3) are meant for cleansing in which one should consume soup made from Green Potato, White Pumpkin, Red Pumpkin, Bottle Gourd, Green Mung Beans, Rajgira, and Buckwheat. Consume Coconut water and fruit salad to keep your metabolism up.

Day 4 – Day 6

The next three days (Day 4-6) are for nourishing your body. For nourishment, one should consume Buckwheat, Rajgira or Moraiyo khichadi with Ghee, fruit salad made from Apple, Banana, Fig, Apricot, etc. For the meal, one should consume Roti or Pancakes made from Rajgira or Buckwheat, Sama or Moong khichadi, Dry fruits, Coconut water, vegetable soup, etc.

Day 7 – Day 9

The last three days (day 7-9) are for building the immune system & energy. These days, one should consume smoothies made from White Pumpkin, Amalaki, Pomegranate, and Banana. Include Dates & Figs along with Rajgira or Buckwheat roti with Coconut curry, or veggie & Kheer made from Sabudana or Sama.

However, avoid heavy and fried food for the entire nine days. On the tenth day, break one’s fast with light food, leafy vegetables, and Curd. Drink enough water that will keep one hydrated the entire nine days.

Along with the fast, think positive, be positive, and perform yoga & meditation along with chanting the Maa Durga’s mantra to conquer one’s negativity.

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