Omega-3 found in fish can help in increasing hair growth !!?

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Hair that is healthy and shiny is a manifestation of good overall health as well as youthfulness. However, some of us often tend to battle premature greying. We are told it's hormonal and all attempts to prevent it would be futile. Is it really so? The answer is definitely not. There are a lot many ways with which we can treat or nourish our strands and scalp so that premature graying is prevented. One such important way is eating fish, which is rich in vitamin D. It contains omega-3 which is very important for hair. Apart from this, fish also contains biotin which is a very important element for hair. 

Benefits of eating fish rich in vitamin D for hair 

1. Vitamin D in fish prevents hair loss

Vitamin D stimulates hair follicles to grow and hence when the body does not have enough, our hair starts falling rapidly. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause alopecia ie baldness. So if you want to prevent hair fall, then eat fish rich in vitamin D. 

2. Omega-3 Promotes Hair Growth

Hair follicles and skin need proteins and nutrients to grow. In this case, omega-3 found in fish can help in increasing hair growth. It nourishes your hair from the roots and locks the oil molecules in it. This makes hair grow and looks shiny.

3. Fish for black hair

Fish is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 supplements that work to boost collagen in the hair. Along with increasing the color of the hair, it prevents them from becoming prematurely white. In addition, eating fish improves blood circulation in the hair, which maintains the color of your hair.

The other most important thing to do to avoid premature greying is to stop being aggressive on the hair. The need of the hour is to ensure gentle cleansing and hydration. When going for hair care products for this purpose, do remember to strictly avoid aggressive ingredients like sodium chloride, sulfates etc. Investing in ones with anti-oxidant action would further ease the task to prevent the early greying of strands

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