One minor action can spare you from Sun Stroke !! Here are simple Tips

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What to give to a heat stroke patient: The arrival of summer has raised the danger of heat stroke among people. The scenario is that you might suddenly become a victim of heat stroke, and the main cause of this is a temperature imbalance. Yes, once the body temperature is out of balance, the danger of heat stroke rises. In such a circumstance, the question that arises is: what should be provided to the patient in the case of heat stroke, or what ought to be consumed in the case of heat stroke? Because one minor action can spare you from all of its severe effects.

Instant home remedy for heat stroke: 

1. Salt-sugar water

If you understand the process of heat stroke, you will see that there is a lack of electrolytes in your body and that your entire body is dehydrated. During this, the body temperature is not able to withstand the external temperature and it becomes a victim of heatstroke. In such a situation, salt and sugar water can be an effective remedy for heat stroke. Actually, it is an electrolyte drink. So, immediately add sugar and salt to 1 glass of water. Keep a little more salt and give it to the patient.

2. Aam Panna

Mango panna has been a home remedy for heat stroke since the days of grandmothers. Actually, this is the easiest way to remove dehydration in the body. Secondly, it fills the nerves and muscles with strength and helps in balancing the temperature in the body. So, if someone is suffering from heat stroke, then give him aam panna.

3. Coconut water 

Drinking coconut water is beneficial for your health in many ways. But, its special thing is that it is rich in sodium, potassium and magnesium which act as rehydrating elements for the body. It first creates a balanced temperature in the body and then helps fight the symptoms of heat stroke, such as nausea, vomiting and fever.

So, you can give all these things to the patient in case of heatstroke. After that, try to see a good doctor and get treatment

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