Opposition party affiliated media by spreading lies, funds siphoned off :Duvuri  Krishna

Deeksha Prasad

 The outstanding debt of Rs. 2,62,115 crores and Rs. 6,000 crores of debt borrowed by the TDP Government to disburse scheme related money just prior to the 2019 general elections - In the light of the  I wish to point out to everyone that these are times of unprecedented difficulties. Governments across the globe are doing everything they possibly can to mitigate the stress said Duvuri  Krishna Prinicipal secretary to CM In these critical times, it is quite unfortunate that the principal opposition party in the State and it affiliated media houses are trying to demoralize people by spreading lies, for political ends. What is to be noted is, even the opposition party is not alleging that the funds have been siphoned off or that they have been put to the wrong use. They are only complaining about the debt increase in the State. During these times, debt increase is a natural phenomenon across the globe. I am confident that with the facts provided above, the public would be enlightened about this conspiracy.

the Andhra Pradesh State finances and borrowings, through a misinformation campaign, attempts are being made to create widespread concern amongst the RBI, Central Government, Banks & Financial institutions, Parliament and Public. This is essentially to tarnish the image of the State and thereby cripple the State financially to reap political gains. I wish to bring to your attention some facts in this regard. - To begin with, an important question we all face at this point, are the liabilities of the State resulting exclusively from the actions of the present Government? Absolutely not!. The erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated in 2014 and this has resulted in the economic deprivation of the State of Andhra Pradesh. During 2015-16, which the first full financial year of the State bifurcation, the per capita State’s own revenues of Telangana were Rs. 15,454, as against a corresponding figure of Rs. 8,979 for Andhra Pradesh. This figure singlehandedly conveys the distress of Andhra Pradesh. Further, all the commitments made to the State on the occasion of the bifurcation have not yet been fulfilled. - Added to this problem the misgovernance and expenditure profligacy of the TDP Government has resulted in the undue swelling of the liabilities of the State of Andhra Pradesh. At the time of bifurcation, the debt of the combined State assigned to the Government of successor State of Andhra Pradesh was 97,123 crores and when public account share is also added to the same the figure is Rs. 1,20,556 crores, the same has, over the five years increased to Rs. 2,68,225 crores. The story does not end here. In addition to the above, owing to TDP’s misgovernance during 2014-19 the State had to endure the burden of many more additional liabilities such as the following. The outstanding payables as on the date of 31st March, 2019 were to the tune of Rs. 39,000 crores. The off-budget borrowings were to the tune of Rs. 58,000 crores, the same were 14,028 crores at the time of bifurcation.


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