Oxidative stress and epilepsy are linked !!

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Oxidative stress and epilepsy are linked, experts have found. Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system where a person's brain functions abnormally accompanied by unusual behavior and seizures. Usually acquired genetically or through a brain injury like trauma or stroke, epilepsy is characterized by loss of consciousness in the affected individual. 

Dr Sayli Umakant Bidkar, Deputy Consultant, Pediatric Neurology, associated with Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital explained that brain injury caused due to seizures involves multiple factors, such as changes in genetics, cytokine levels, and complications with the energy production mechanism of cells. One of the main reasons for brain damage is the overstimulation of neurons, and oxidative stress, which leads to cell death.

Dr Sudha Desai, Consultant Physician, General Physician, and Internal Medicine, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjawadi, has further elaborated on oxidative stress and its impact on the human brain. 

Oxidative stress, a condition where there are excessive harmful molecules called pro oxidants and not enough protective molecules called anti oxidants in the body, can cause damage to organs. When there is inflammation, it can cause the production of harmful molecules called free radicals in the cells, and harm the body's cells, ultimately affecting the central nervous system. This can lead to problems like seizures in the brain due to improper functioning of the central nervous system. 

Oxidative stress results in alterations in signaling pathways of reactive nitrogen species (RNS), reactive oxygen species(ROS), and nitric oxide(NO), whereby production of ROS and RNS increases and the availability of NO decreases. The early effect of this increased production of ROS is lipid peroxidation, reactive gliosis, and mitochondrial DNA damage. 


1. Can damage from oxidative stress be reversed?
Yes, once the body becomes stable, the effects of oxidative stress can be reversed by taking antioxidant supplements. 

2. How to cure epilepsy? 
Till date, there is no permanent cure of epilepsy

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