PM Modi speech another episode of an unnecessary lecture : Asaduddin Owaisi

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Hyderabad: In a strongly worded series of tweets responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s televised 5 pm address, Hyderabad MP and All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen president Asaduddin Owaisi said the speech was another episode of an unnecessary lecture that could have been a press release.

“Reversal of vax policy seems to be result of SC’s order. Although blame of a terrible vaccine policy has been put on states, it’s Modi who failed to ensure vax supply,” (sic) he said, going to say that ‘Modi put politics before saving lives .

“Did it create horrible “liberalised” vaccine policy just to insult states? It’s always chosen gimmicks over efforts to increase vax production. Forget everything else, only question for PM is why’s there such large shortage of vaccines? Till April, no money was spent on ramping up vaccine production. If there are no vaccines, it does not matter who procures it. Not surprisingly, private hospitals will continue to have 25% quota so that rich have ‘VIP queue’, while poor have to wait for vaccine availability,” (sic) Owaisi said, also pointing out that Modi had congratulated himself for vaccinating frontline staff ‘in time’.

Truth was that of the 30 crore priority group that had to be vaccinated, only 10 percent were vaccinated by early May.

“We need ~60 crore doses to vax them by July. Currently we get only ~8cr doses/month. The PMO failed in basic math,” stated Owaisi .

The Hyderabad MP also came down heavily on ‘Modi congratulating himself’ saying India was vaccinating people better than many countries. He also did not spare the CoWIN portal system, pointing out that it excludes women, poor, rural Indians and the majority who don’t have internet.

“Why stop walk-in vaccination?” he asked, also adding that it was good that Modi pointed out many people spreading propaganda against vaccines.

“Hope his govt takes action against such people & punishes Ministers who are always at the service of such anti-science people,” he tweeted, tagging along pictures of Modi with Baba Ramdev.

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