Pawan Kalyan wanted to promote unity among all the castes as boost his partys electoral prospects


VIJAYAWADA: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is trying to address the traditional caste rivalry among various social groups like Kapus and Setti Balijas and attempting a reconciliation among them in ways as to boost his party’s electoral prospects in the next assembly polls in AP.

Pawan Kalyan has been repeatedly mentioning during his AP tour on the Varahi vehicle from Annavaram on June 14 that he wanted to promote unity among all the castes. PK said he had held talks with people from both groups especially in Konaseema some time ago and they ended their differences.

He has been posing the question as to why only two caste groups -- Reddys and Kammas -- dominated the political scene in AP for so long. This left no chance for other social groups like BCs a major role in power even as they had significant population strengths, he said.

Moreover, Pawan Kalyan’s focus is mainly on erstwhile Godavari districts, a potential vote bank comprising Kapus and BCs. The actor himself belongs to the Kapu community and said he would make all efforts to empower them, but would not ignore other social groups or communities. He would promote their interests too, he has said.

Referring to a case where YSR Congress MLC Anantababu allegedly murdered his former car driver and delivered the body at his home, Pawan Kalyan said the legislator belonged to Kapu community while the deceased was from a Dalit background. He advised the people not to look at their caste background and said the need was rather to ensure punishment to the guilty. Law, he said, should be equal to all.

So was the case with Kakinada MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar too. Though the legislator belonged to the Reddy community, he should be looked at as an individual and should be punished as per law for his wrongdoings, PK said, and "not based on his caste identity."

Political analysts feel there is a perceptible change in Pawan Kalyan’s attitude towards castes and development of the state. He is no longer turning hysterical while addressing the people as he was used to earlier. Also, the mass presence at his meetings is increasing day by day

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