Salted peanuts will be placed in front of you at a bar Why ? ! While we drinking !!

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The tradition of serving salted peanuts with drinks in bars has been around for decades. Whether you are simply enjoying a drink with some friends or looking to learn more about the science behind this tradition, it is clear that salted peanuts are an important part of the bar and restaurant experience. While many people simply enjoy the salty snack when having a drink, there are actually some scientific reasons behind this tradition. Here are a few scientific reasons of serving salted peanuts with drinks in bars: 

Helps to stimulate thirst: The salt in the peanuts makes people feel thirsty, which encourages them to order more drinks. This is particularly important for bars and restaurants, as it can help to increase their profits.

Satisfying crunch: salted peanuts also provide a satisfying crunch that can enhance the overall drinking experience. When people are drinking alcohol, they often crave salty snacks like peanuts, pretzels, or chips. This is because alcohol can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, which can lead to cravings for salty or sweet foods.

Counteract the effects of alcohol: Serving salted peanuts with drinks can help to counteract the effects of alcohol on the body. When people drink alcohol, their bodies begin to lose important electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Salted peanuts can help to replenish these electrolytes, which can help to prevent dehydration and other negative effects of drinking.

Contain protein and healthy fats: Salted peanuts contain protein and healthy fats that can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol in the body. This can help to reduce the overall effects of alcohol on the body, making it easier for people to drink responsibly.

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