Sana Aziz Khan fashion designer to showcase beauty and versatility of Indian textiles


 Sana Aziz Khan, a visionary fashion designer, is on a mission to showcase the beauty and versatility of Indian textiles on the global stage. With a deep passion for sustainable and skin-friendly fabrics, she is determined to make Indian materials like Khadi and Chikankari hand embroidery renowned in the international fashion scene.

In an exclusive interview, Sana shared her ambitious plans to participate in prestigious fashion events around the world. She aspires to showcase her work at major events like New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week, which offer a platform to introduce Indian textiles to a global audience. Sana believes that the global recognition of Indian fabrics will resonate well with international buyers, particularly with her focus on promoting skin-friendly materials.

Sana's vision extends beyond fashion shows, as she envisions international celebrities wearing Indian fabrics at significant events such as the Cannes Film Festival. She explains that if celebrities start adorning these fabrics, it will significantly boost their appeal and recognition, inspiring young designers and fashion enthusiasts to follow suit. 

To achieve her goals, Sana is actively promoting Khadi in Dubai, where she has already made strides. Additionally, she operates an import-export company in Turkey dedicated to the promotion of Indian textiles, with her efforts already making significant progress in increasing the visibility of these fabrics.

Through her relentless efforts, Sana Aziz Khan is poised to bring the rich heritage of Indian fabrics to the forefront of global fashion, ensuring their timeless beauty and sustainability are celebrated worldwide.

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