Sasha Merchants inspiration to aspiring models as emerged as the highest-paid supermodel


Sasha Merchant, hailing from Mumbai, India, has swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of the fashion industry, and has rapidly emerged as the highest-paid supermodel in the country. Sasha’s journey from a fresh face to a dominant figure in the global fashion scene, exemplifies her strategic approach to endorsements and her sassy runway presence. Holding a double degree in Law from the University of Mumbai, she has commendably balanced her academic achievements with her flourishing career in fashion and entertainment. 

Early Beginnings; Femina Campus Princess

Sasha Merchant’s journey began during her schooling days when she participated in Femina Campus Princess. This initial exposure set the stage for her future endeavours, showcasing her potential and sparking interest around her in the fashion world. Sasha’s fresh and exuberant persona quickly caught the attention of industry insiders. 

Magazine Covers and Editorials

Following her initial eye catching entry, Sasha Merchant was soon spotted on the covers of various high-fashion magazines. Sasha graced editorials for top designers such as Anita Dongre and Ritu Kumar, establishing herself as a versatile and enigmatic model. These associations with the country’s best designers marked the beginning of her rise in the fashion industry.

Breakthrough Campaign; Tanishq

Sasha Merchant’s first major breakthrough came with a high-profile campaign for Tanishq, one of India's leading jewellery brands. This campaign not only highlighted Sasha’s elegance and poise but also consolidated her position as a prominent face in the fashion industry. The success of this campaign didn’t go unnoticed and opened doors to numerous other high-end endorsements. 

Fashion Weeks

Sasha's runway journey began with her debut at India Beach Fashion Week. Sasha Merchant’s strikingly youthful appearance and ability to carry exquisite couture effortlessly made her a favorite amongst designers and fashion enthusiasts. She became a regular favourite on the runway at Lakme Fashion Week and various other fashion weeks, where she consistently stood out for her enigmatic presence. 

Supermodel Status; Top Campaigns and Endorsements

Living up to her supermodel title, Sasha Merchant swiftly bagged the country’s  top campaigns and became a favourite amongst luxury jewellery and beauty brands such as Kaya, Joyalukkas, and Santoor. What truly set Sasha apart was her ability to appeal to both luxury brands and those with a mass appeal as well. Unlike many models who were overshadowed by actresses, Sasha Merchant carved a fresh niche for herself, becoming a go-to choice for brand endorsements. 

Runway Impact

Sasha left an indelible mark on the runway, walking for renowned designers like Falguni & Shane Peacock, Vikram Phadnis, Manish Malhotra, Rimple & Harpreet Narula, amongst various other designers. Sasha Merchant’s indo fusion looks, her strikingly long luscious hair, with that captivating smile soon established her position as the most sought-after model for various runway shows and designer collections. 

International Recognition

Her success was not only confined to India. Sasha Merchant’s impressive roster of international brand endorsements, including L’Oreal, Sephora, Kenneth Cole, MAC Cosmetics, and Hyundai, further elevated her position in the industry. These collaborations introduced Sasha to a global audience and huge pay cheques and endorsement fees, further cementing her status as India’s youngest supermodel on a global stage. 

Becoming the Highest-Paid Supermodel in India

Sasha Merchant’s rise to becoming the highest-paid supermodel in India was marked by her recent campaigns for Biba and Malabar, for which Sasha charged an astonishing fee. These campaigns were splashed across billboards and newspapers nationwide. Her dominance in the world of fashion and brand endorsements was indisputable, Sasha Merchant had truly arrived. 

Celebrating Her Success

Recently, Sasha Merchant celebrated her whirlwind journey to success by splurging on a Mercedes GLE for herself. This purchase highlighted her hard-earned accomplishments and her prominent status in the fashion industry.

Sasha Merchant's rise to fame is a testament to her talent, hard work, and strategic focused career choices. As she continues to dominate the fashion world, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring models and a reminder that with focus, hard work and grace, success is inevitable

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