Simple Tips 4 easy exercises to get rid of Neck pain

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Our world has become extremely busy and hectic with a large chunk of the population being clung to their laptops and smartphones. It is just a matter of time when the people's constant engagement to devices sitting at one place keeping their head flexed down for long will result in hurting neck.

Furthermore, sitting in front of a screen or laptop with the neck constantly bent down also leads to severe pain and a lot of unnecessary strain. If you are also a victim of such pain and stiffness of the neck due to working constantly then you might need to buckle up.

This kind of pain if increased can cause some more serious neck injuries. But, thankfully, there are some really easy and helpful exercises that you can do sitting at your home. Instead of nagging about the pain, just do this 4 mentioned exercise and thank us later.

Exercise 1- Neck sideways movement

-Starting from the centre, slowly move your neck to the left side

-Bring it back to the front

-Move your neck to your right side

-Repeat the process at least 3 times. Make it a point to not move your neck with a jerk.

Exercise 2- Head Rotate

-Sit straight on your chair and keep your back erect

-Touch your chin to your collarbone

-Slowly, roll your chin towards your shoulder

-Lift your chin upwards to the ceiling

-Touch your chin to the opposite shoulder

-Slowly bring it back to the centre

-Do keep in mind to do this exercise at a very slow pace.

Exercise 3- Point Massages

-Relax your shoulders and keep your spine erect

 -Slowly stretch your hands and rotate your head

 -Tuck your chin in and relax your neck muscles

-Gently reach the throbbing point and massage it slowly

Do not use a lot of pressure while massaging your neck. Be gentle.

Exercise 4- Look Up and Down

The most effective and easiest way to cope with a stiff neck is to slowly look up and down as much as possible. Make gentle movements, sudden movements can cause pain.

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