Solar Eclipse 2022 : Affect pregnancy? Check out precautions

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On October 25, India will witness a partial solar eclipse. It will be visible in various parts of India. It is likely to begin around 4:29 pm and end along sunset at 5:42 pm.

There aren't substantial reports to prove health consequences on exposure to the energetic radiations during the grahan time. However, the phase is not considered auspicious in several faiths. Astrology experts often hint that the celestial phenomenon may not be fortunate towards new-born kids, carrying females (pregnancy) and their unborn fetuses.

Dos and Don'ts for pregnant women:

Avoid out door activities that will expose the pregnant woman and the unborn child to the rays of the eclipse-Sun.Usage of metallic, sharp substances during the period of the eclipse is considered risky and a potential harm.

Restrict the usage of devices like laptops, AC, TV and of course, smart phones. One may charge their phones during the eclipse, but avoid frequent usage if you are a carrying women.

Nap is ideal, avoid deep sleep. Despite in case of weakness, one is suggested to not lay on a bare floor and avoid taking a sleeping pose. Staying upright and keeping spine comfortably steady can have benefits.

Whether you're pregnant or not, never look at an eclipse with the naked eye. It could damage the retina. To soothe one's curiosity in sighting the scene, use X-ray films or prescribed polarized goggles or lenses.

Pregnant women are advised to bathe twice. Once before the eclipse and once after it concludes. A head bath is preferable to avoid any ill-effects or eclipse-resulted black magic or negative energy.

Staying hydrated is the key; citrus juice or water can help to confront the strong radiations.

Prayers during the eclipse phase can be highly powerful and bring goodness to the health of mother and the offspring.

If there's some uneasiness, stay connected with health experts to guide you better.

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