Stephanie Matto selling breast sweat earning up to USD 5000 .

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Social media influencer and YouTuber Stephanie Matto, who got popular for selling jars filled with her fart, now has a new product on the market. She has listed breast sweat for sale and it has been selling like hot cakes. Reportedly, Matto has been earning up to USD 5000 (Rs 4 lakh) per day selling sweat-filled jars. It seems like after her unique fart business, the sweat business too has picked up the pace.

Matto hails from Connecticut, US and is now making quite the fortune by selling her sweat in jars. In some ways, she represents modern-day entrepreneurship and aptly reflects what the market desires and how the demand will be fulfilled. 

Matto sells her new product 

Matto has moved on from selling fart jars and announced her new product in social media posts. She shared her social media post writing in the caption, "It ain’t easy work, but no one said it would be! Never thought I’d have this much in common with a maple tree (sic)." Matti is seen with a small flask in her hand which contains her breast sweat. 

How Matto collects breast sweat 

Not one to hide her business secret, Matto also shared how she collects sweat from her breast. In a video, she is seen wearing a bikini and spends hours in the sun. To collect her sweat, she places the jar near her breast and the falling sweat is collected inside it. 

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