Summer special: How to get Vitamin D Here foods that can be consumed to maintain to get


Sunlight is required to overcome vitamin D deficiency, although it is best to get sunlight in the winter and stay away from the sun in the summer. The main reason for this is that the sun is so powerful in the summer that people are terrified of tanning their skin. If the body does not receive enough sunlight, vitamin D insufficiency develops. In this case, we will provide you with a list of foods that you can eat to supplement your body's vitamin D deficit 

What to eat for vitamin D deficiency:


To prevent vitamin D deficiency, you should include eggs in your breakfast. Egg yolks rich in protein and calcium can remove vitamin D deficiency from the body.


Eating mushrooms can remove vitamin D deficiencies in the body. Mushrooms are a better option for vegetarians to overcome vitamin D deficiency. Mushroom vegetables, soup, and sandwiches all look tasty.


Spinach is the first name among green leafy vegetables, which can be prepared and eaten in many ways. The body also gets vitamin D from eating spinach. That's why you should definitely include spinach and other green vegetables in your diet.


From children to the elderly, milk should be consumed; it has the status of a complete food in itself. Milk fulfils the deficiency of calcium in the body, and along with this, it also provides vitamin D. Include milk in your diet; it also strengthens bones.

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