TDP Target-One Lakh Votes Majority in Kuppam


TIRUPATI: The Telugu Desam (TD) has resolved to challenge the ruling YSRC’s slogans of ‘Target Kuppam’ and the ‘Why not 175’ that specifically targeted winning of the high-profile Kuppam seat.

With a determination to secure a one-lakh vote majority in Kuppam, the TD is embarking on an extensive campaign, leveraging the influence of the party's president Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Naidu's upcoming visit to his home turf from June 14 to 16 will mark the launch of the party programme titled ‘Target-One Lakh Votes Majority.’ Unlike his previous visits that involved roadshows, this time there will be no grand display. A public meeting is likely and Naidu plans to interact with local leaders, in-charges of affiliated wings and the TD rank and file across all four mandals of the constituency.

Following TD's setback in the recent local body elections, including in Kuppam, Naidu has redirected his focus towards the constituency, a seat he has successfully secured for seven consecutive terms since 1989.

While political parties consider the upcoming assembly elections crucial, the TD has decided to place special emphasis on Kuppam, in addition to their overall state-wide focus.

To accomplish the one-lakh target, the party has formed a coordination committee chaired by Kancharla Srikanth, a newly elected member of the Legislative Council (MLC). This committee would work dedicatedly to achieve the target.

A senior TD leader said Naidu’s highest majority of 65,000 votes was in the 1999 elections.

According to sources within the TD, the coordination committee would undertake a comprehensive two-month programme to mobilize party activists and engage with the voters. Cadres will be assigned specific targets at the booth, unit, and cluster levels. They will reach out to the public at the booth level and list the developmental initiatives undertaken by the last TD government.

TD cadres have been instructed to actively interact with the public, understand their issues, and compile a comprehensive database to make informed decisions. Naidu is expected to present an action plan to the coordination committee

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