TODAY International Children s Day 2021 : five additions bring into child s diet during pandemic.

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International Children’s Day is observed every year on June 1 in many parts of the world. This is the second consecutive year when International Children’s Day will be observed amid a global pandemic. In India, amid the fears of the next COVID-19 wave affecting the demography of children’s in particular, the spike in demand for immunity boosters for children continues to be reported from across the country.

Doctors and medical experts warn that immunity boosters can do more harm than good for kids below the age of five. They add that a well-balanced meal does better to a child’s body (aged 0-5) than typical immunity boosters available in the market.

Based on the guidelines issued by the government of India, these are the five additions you must bring into your child’s diet to boost immunity during the coronavirus pandemic 

1. Dark chocolate - Chocolates are everyone’s favourite, and especially the children’s. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you to introduce your child to dark chocolate and eventually make it the staple immunity-boosting food item for your child. Make sure you add small portions of dark chocolate to your child’s diet to boost immunity.

2. Whole grains - Children should have whole grains in their diet, such as ragi, oats and amaranth. Packed with protein, fibre, Vitamin B, antioxidants and various trace minerals, whole grains improve cardiovascular health among children.

3. Add healthy fats to the diet - Healthy fats present in walnuts, almonds, olive oil and mustard oil help a kid’s body to grow healthily. Being the building blocks of hormones, healthy fats help in insulating the body from infections.

4. Turmeric milk - The great Indian immunity drink across generations and timelines has been turmeric milk. Pandemic or no pandemic, turmeric laden milk can boost your immunity with antioxidants and improve your cardiovascular health.

5. Add amchoor to your child’s meal - While preparing the curry for the meal or your child’s favourite food item, add amchoor or dry mango powder during the preparation. The government of India, in its guidelines posted to boost immunity amid the COVID-19 pandemic has added amchoor among the list of food items one must take to boost immunity.

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