TODAY Most influential and famous Indian poets of all time Kabir Jayanti 2021 .

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 Kabir Jayanti 2021 marks the birth anniversary of Saint Kabir, who was one of the most influential and famous Indian poets of all time. His poetry stands as great teaching of life. As per beliefs, he was born in 1440 Varanasi Jaunpurand was found at the bank of a river by a Muslim weaver who adopted him. 

Kabir Jayanti 2021: Facts

  • The birth and death of Kabir remain a mystery. According to a legend, he was found at the bank of a river by a Muslim weaver who adopted him.
  • As per beliefs, he was born in 1440 in Varanasi Jaunpur and died in 1518 in Maghar, Sant Kabir Das Nagar. Sant Kabir fought against the belief that dying in Varanasi will give moksha, and also that dying in Maghar a person will lead to hell.
  • When he passed away, there was a dispute between Hindus and Muslims to cremate or bury his body. Disciples of Nawab Bijli Shah and Raja Veer Singh Baghela of Varanasi were fighting for the same. As per a legend, at that very moment when the quarrel was happening, a voice asked to lift the cover from Kabir's dead body. Astonished people, found only two flowers instead of the body. One each was taken by either side. Maghar has a Mausoleum and a Samadhi Sthal of Sant Kabir.
  • Prime Minister Narandra Modi laid the foundation stone of Sant Kabir Academy ( a research institute ) at Maghar on the 500th death anniversary of death of Kabir on June 28, 2018.
  • His poetry was a form of spoken Hindi which was easily understood by ordinary people. He rejected major religious traditions. His teachings were vehement. Kabir was equally critical to both Hindu and Muslim, though he was depicted as a harmonizer of both religions.
  • The fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev has Incorporated Kabir's work in Sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib. Kabir believed that formless God is one and is just known by different names.
  • His early life began as a Muslim but he was later strongly influenced by Hindu Ascetic Ramananda.
  • Kabir's philosophical teachings were in simple language. He was the guiding spirit of Bhakti Movement. Kabir Panthis, the followers of the members of a religious community Kabir Panth, are greatly influenced by Kabir's Bhakti Movement.
  • His two-line couplets, popularly known as 'Kabir ke dohe' have touched the hearts of many. Bijak, Sakhi Granth, Kabir Granthawali and Anurag Sagar are some of his writings.

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