TODAY National Energy Conservation Day 2021.5 ways to make home energy-efficient

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Every year on December 14 National Energy Conservation Day is observed across the nation to showcase India’s contribution to energy conservation and steps taken towards becoming an energy-efficient nation. The day was established by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Union ministry of power. National Energy Conservation Day aims to make the general public aware of how efficient use of energy today could save it for future generations tomorrow.

The BEE gives away National Energy Conservation Awards (NECA) for Industries and establishments and National Energy Efficiency Innovation Awards (NEEIA) to recognize innovative energy efficiency technologies every year.

This year BEE is celebrating the Energy Conservation Week from 8th to 14th December 2021 under which they have planned a series of events. From organising National Level Painting Competitions on Energy Conservation to webinars and virtual launch of several projects, the week-long celebrations include it all.

However, energy conservation is a practice that needs to be followed by every individual in order to save a good amount of energy for future use.

Here are some tips to save and conserve energy types:

Turn off the switches of all the appliances when not in use:

By turning off appliances, when not in use can save a lot of energy. Make sure when you are leaving a room, turn off the light, fan, and other energy appliances. If your room is well lit naturally then avoid switching on lights during the day.

Use Energy-efficient appliances:

Energy-efficient appliances are a good way to cut down on wastage by using less energy to perform the same task. While buying a home check for the number of stars for energy efficiency on it. Any product with 3 or more stars is advised in order to conserve energy.

These LEDs (light-emitting diode) implement 3 S which are saving the environment, saving money, and saving energy. When compared to conventional ICL and CFL, the LEDs emit more light while using less energy.

Keep your AC temperature between 22 to 24:

By keeping the temperature higher you can bring down your energy consumption. When the temperature is increased, say from 16 degrees to 24 degrees, the compressor works for a lesser time, leading to less power consumption.

Build Green Habitat:

Building Green and sustainable things is another one of the concepts and steps towards promoting green living. they are designed to use less energy and water, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and create spaces for healthy and comfortable living.

Switch to Solar Appliances:

Solar energy is an affordable alternative to conventional energy sources. It uses Sun’s heat and light directly to power the appliances.

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