TODAY National Vaccination Day 2022 : KNOW HISTORY

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Each year March 16 is observed as National Vaccination Day to mark the significance of vaccination and its role in public health. After experiencing the deadly pandemic of coronavirus, the world now, more than ever needs awareness about vaccination and its benefits. To help create that, on National Vaccination Day, several organizations and people send messages on how vaccination or immunization is the most effective way of preventing highly infectious diseases.

National Vaccination Day 2022: History and Significance

The day is celebrated on the same day as the first dose of Oral Polio Vaccine was given in India in the year 1995. It is celebrated to mark India's Pulse Polio Campaign.

According to the program, two drops of Polio vaccine were provided to the children from the age of 0 to 5. The Pulse Polio Program in India became a huge success as in 2014, the World Health Organisation announced India to be a ‘Polio Free Country’.

Vaccines help in preventing diseases that can be dangerous or even deadly and National Vaccination Day 2022 states the importance of vaccines in today's world and cannot be ignored. Right now, various vaccination campaigns are running worldwide to defeat deadly or fatal diseases like smallpox, COVID-19.

Vaccination reduces the risk of infection by working with the natural defenses of the body to safely develop immunity to disease. Vaccines have become an important weapon in the fight against deadly diseases like TB, tetanus, etc. in the last few decades

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