TODAY Valentines day. Starting from February 7, people celebrate 8 days of love.

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People across the world will enter into valentines week from tomorrow (February 07). The month of February is usually known as the month of love as it spreads affection and love. February is a special month of the year for two reasons, the month has 28 days, and the second reason is that people celebrate Valentine's day. Starting from February 7, people celebrate 8 days of love.

Tomorrow people across the globe will step into the first day of valentine’s week, which is rose day. Rose is a symbol of love. To take a slow start in the relationship, one can present a rose to their special as a token of love. 

If you are thinking of gifting something special to your crush instead of a rose, then here we bring you 5 amazing gift ideas that will definitely make your partner feel special. 

1. 24K golden foil rose

This gift will make your partner feel more special and happy. The golden foil rose comes with a beautiful carry bag which makes it easy for you to gift her. This will definitely bring a smile to your partner's face. 

2. Chocolate and rose combo 

The combination of chocolate and the rose combo is counted as one of the best gifts for your girl. One can send this cute combo to their partners and make them happy to the cores. 

3. Preserved forever rose

The pretty piece is made with fresh flowers processed through a unique and non-toxic preservation method. It is one of the best gift ideas that one can give to their partner on the rose day.

4. Bottle lamp with a rose 

This is a handmade gift, which one can buy from the market or can make at home. The lamp features a beautiful in it adorned with LED lights. The gift can also be used as home decor.

5. Scented candles with a rose bouquet 

One of the best gift options to make your special person happy is giving them a scented candle and a bouquet of roses. Nothing will as romantic as this gift. This will instantly lighten up the mood and will bring a smile to her face.

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