TODAY World Sight Day 2021: How to maintain your eye health

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 According to a study, 23% of the overall population that is almost 3 crore people, are suffering from weak eyesight due to various factors like excessive screentime, cataract, glaucoma, diabetes age-related issues and more. Our eyes undoubtedly are the windows of our body and one needs to take full care to avoid even minor eye health conditions which may take a bigger form in future.

Therefore, on World Sight Day 2021 which is observed on October 14, today, every year globally to raise awareness about blindness, vision impairment and eye health, here we bring you 5 lifestyle and medical tips which you can follow to have your eye health and sight intact. 

Wear right spectacles

Your eyeglasses play an important role to keep your eye health intact. one should wear the right kind of spectacles in order to avoid weak eyesight and damage from screen time. Wearing the right spectacles for screen usage like anti-reflection lenses with Blue Coating is extremely important.

Eat green vegetables

Green veggies are more than healthy for your eyes. vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli contain Lutein and zeaxanthin help prevent eye-related issues like cataracts. Also, food rich in Vitamins C and E and zinc, reduce the risk of developing a condition called Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). 

Keep eyes moist

Dry eyes are one of the most common factors due to which people visit doctors. This is caused by pollution and staring excessively at bright screens. Therefore, use doctor-recommended eye-drops to avoid dryness and irritation. Also, keep away from laptop and phone screens as much as possible

Avoid excessive screen time

Increasing screen time is one of the biggest factors in weakening one's eyesight. Therefore, limit the screen time and keep away from gadgets after dedicated a few fixed hours in order to avoid eye health dangers. Apart from this, if you are working through your laptop then take a 20-second screen break every 20 minutes. Increase font size and reduce the brightness of the screen. make sure to work in a well-lit room.

Get your eyes tested regularly

Getting your eyes tested on a regular basis by an eye doctor. An average person aged till 40 years should get themselves checked every two years even if they don't have any major eye-related problems. Meanwhile, if you are above 50, get tested twice every year. 

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