TODAY first solar eclipse of the year 2021 things one should avoid during solar eclipse .

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The first solar eclipse of the year 2021 is all set to take place on June 10. When the moon comes between the earth and the sun this phenomenon is known as solar eclipse which can be of different types like partial or full. Apart from being a celestial happening, there are a lot of astrological and religious beliefs which are associated with the solar eclipse. Therefore, here we are with a list of things one should avoid during the solar eclipse 2021.

Don't look directly at the solar eclipse: Some harmful rays are produced during the solar eclipse, so looking directly at the sun should be avoided as it may cause damage to the retina. Take safety measures of looking through solar filters and make use of eclipse glasses.

Avoid eating during eclipse: It is said that during the solar eclipse, the magnetic field and ultraviolet rays levels are high. Metabolism and digestion of the body becomes weak. Therefore, people are advised to avoid eating during eclipse time. 

Avoid eating leftover food: Intensity and wavelength of rays are not the same at the time of the eclipse, the leftover can absorb radiations, therefore, prepare and consume fresh food after eclipse.

Don't use ordinary equipment to see the solar eclipse: Use of camera to capture the event or use of ordinary telescope or binoculars are not advised by scientists as they can damage your eyes. Use solar lenses instead.

Don't drive during the solar eclipse: Driving amidst surya grahan isn't recommended, or drive with the headlights on.

Expecting mothers should not step out: Pregnant women are advised not to go out as they should not get exposed to solar eclipse rays. Instead, they should stay home chant and meditate to create positive vibrations for the unborn child.

Avoid hard work: During eclipse, period vibrations are strong on the earth so instead of hard work, meditation and relaxation of body is more beneficial.

Avoid any auspicious task: Eclipse period is treated inauspicious, therefore, avoid religious or holy tasks.

Do not wear black: Black colour is more absorbent, so, avoid wearing black clothes during this period.

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