Telugu Desam Party is ready to face elections whenever : Chandra Babu

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Rajahmundry: The Telugu Desam Party is ready to face elections whenever they are held, former Chief Minister and TDP national presidentNara Chandra Babu Naidu has said.

Delivering the inaugural address at the party’s two-day Mahanadu, annual convention and plenary, here on Saturday, he described the state as a stone in the hands of a mad man. However, the TDP would protect the poor from getting hit by it, he stated. “The next elections will be a Kurukshetra battle. Let us defeat Kauravas and build a respectable house. Cycle is ready for elections whenever they are held. The TDP knows what to do for the welfare of the poor and development of the state. We will create wealth and distribute among the poor. Jagan is a mastermind in scams. All the Rs. 2000 currency notes are with him. The TDP is committed to demonitisation of higher currency,” he said.

Alleging that the destructive YSR  party was a big threat to the society, Chandrababu Naidu recalled that Jagan got votes during the last elections pleading to give him a chance to govern. He was the richestChief Minister in the country and cause for price rise, he noted. “During the past four years Jagan resorted to Rs.2.27 lakh crore corruption. In name of three capitals, he left the state without any. The kodi kathi case, prohibition and all such things are mere drama,” he said.

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