Thanksgiving 2022: USA every year on the fourth Thursday in November celebrated on November 24

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Thanksgiving is here! This national holiday of the United States is commemorated in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, and other nations as the official start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States every year on the fourth Thursday in November. This year, it is being celebrated on November 24. It began as a day of giving thanks for the harvest and the preceding year. The Americans celebrate this special day to express gratitude to God for providing them with each meal. Also, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family to feel grateful for everything we have in our life.

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude and honour the blessings and sacrifices of the past year. Later, as urbanisation increased, Thanksgiving evolved into a holiday where people would gather with friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal. To get into the holiday spirit right away, they also decorate their homes. If you are away from your family and celebrating Thanksgiving, here are some wishes, images, messages, greetings, and heartwarming quotes to share with your friends and family on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms

Thanksgiving: Best Wishes, Messages and Greetings

Today I want to thank you for being a special part of my life and decorating it with happiness and love. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

There have been times when I forgot to thank you for being there for me. So, I take this day to tell you how important you are to me. Happy Thanksgiving. 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with the warmth and happiness of the season. Happy Thanksgiving dear.

I can't tell you how great my life has become because of you. Thanks for being there with me and showering me with love. Happy Thanksgiving

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude because I have you in my life. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving 2022: Quotes

At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough - Toni Morriso

If you think about a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s really like making a large chicken - Ina Garten

We can always find something to be thankful for, no matter what may be the burden of our wants, or the special subject of our petitions - Albert Barnes

I suppose I will die never knowing what pumpkin pie tastes like when you have room for it - Robert Brault

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