Today International Day of Action for Rivers 2024


Most of the civilizations flourished beside river banks because mountains had tall hazards and tides on the seashores were pretty unpredictable to manage the simple flow of life.

While the rippling rivers have been recognised as a mark of vitality, sunsets are not too early, and floods drop signs before knocking on the preventive boundaries.

Drinkable water never requires additional processing; thus, the warriors marked rivers on their dream lists. Prayers flourished, and cultural cults found shelter beside the pious waves.

14 March is marked as an 'International Day of Action for Rivers' to defend water rights, which is much more than a fundamental necessity

On this day, civil society, green activists, and environmental analysts raise questions to trace the ongoing endeavours to save rivers and lives

As the campaign celebrates its 27th anniversary with the 'Water For All' theme to guard water rights and ensure equal access to clean water resources, a fragment of ecological remarks stands against the privatization of dams, rivers, and related fish migration.

According to official data, rivers have witnessed a reduction of around 83% within the past 54 years. The tumbling condition of rivers due to pollution has been counted as another top environmental risk in India, and campaigns like 'Nadi Bachao Andolan' are contributing to the current stream of administrative consciousness and general awareness

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