Today World Pneumonia Day 2022 : Prevention & other important facts .

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World Pneumonia Day 2022: Pneumonia, an acute respiratory infection, affects the lungs. It is associated with an annual mortality rate of roughly 2.5 million adults and children globally. India alone accounts for 23 per cent of the global pneumonia burden. World Pneumonia Day is observed on November 12 every year. The day aims to raise awareness about pneumonia and highlights its symptoms, prevention and treatment. Also, this day marks an opportunity to highlight the need for early diagnosis, so individuals affected by the disease can seek timely and effective care, which is necessary.

According to World Health Organization, pneumonia killed 170,180 children under the age of 5 in 2019. "Pneumonia affects children and families everywhere, but deaths are highest in southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Children can be protected from pneumonia, it can be prevented with simple interventions, and it can be treated with low-cost, low-tech medication and care," WHO said.

World Pneumonia Day 2022: Theme 

The World Pneumonia Day 2022 theme is "Championing the fight to stop pneumonia."

World Pneumonia Day 2022: History and Significance

 World Pneumonia day was first observed on November 12, 2009, under 'Stop Penuemonia', an initiative by Global Coalition Gainst Child Pneumonia. After that, WHO and UNICEF launched an integrated Global action plan to Prevent and control Pneumonia. 

Pneumonia can affect your lungs severely and is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection which causes an inflammatory response in the lungs. For the unversed, Covid can also lead to pneumonia which can cause serious damage to your lungs. Thus, the purpose behind celebrating this day is to create awareness and seriousness about the disease of pneumonia among the common people. Its aim is to have zero death caused by Pneumonia by 2030.  

World Pneumonia Day 2022: Symptoms

Pneumonia is a contagious infection with symptoms that range from mild to severe. 

  • Fever
  • A cough, which may be dry, or produce thick yellow, green, brown or blood-stained mucus
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Shivering
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Blood in the sputum
  • Chest Pain 

World Pneumonia Day 2022: Prevention and Treatment

Mild pneumonia can usually be treated at home by:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Taking antibiotics 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids

For at-risk groups, pneumonia can be severe and may need to be treated in the hospital.


  • Ensuring good standards of hygiene
  • Covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
  • Washing your hands regularly to avoid transferring germs to other people or objects
  • A healthy lifestyle can also help prevent pneumonia. 
  • Pneumococcal vaccine and flu vaccine.

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