True Yeoman YS Rajesekhar Reddy Scripts Golden era to Telugu peoples

A.Venkat Ratnam

Of all the works of civilization that interfere with the natural water distribution system, irrigation has been by far the most pervasive and powerful.: Al Gore

Agriculture looks different today - our farmers are using GPS and you can monitor your irrigation systems over the Internet.:Debbie Stabenow 

Grass is greener at other people's feet because they watered it. You need not to let your environment control you; you have what it takes to make it look beautiful! Someday men will learn to irrigate and spread fertilizer instead of praying for fertility.

A man with one idea" that could make a difference in Andhra Pradesh irrigation  transforming a dry expanse into the “rice bowl" of Andhra Pradesh

It is a very grateful day and posterity should not miss how the Bhagiratha Rajasekhar Reddy garu relentlessly worked and got 27 Irrigation Projects for Andhra Pradesh United State which in two months the name Bhagiratha is nobody else except Rajasekhar Reddy  and nobody can be called Apara Bhagiratha because it was the effort made by Rajasekhar Reddy  and cannot keep silent without recalling the beautiful and unforgettable experiences I had, though I was and am a small man in the team.

Dr.Y.S.R appointed Dr.Mallu Ravi Spl.Representative of A.P., at Delhi most important person Pro.P.G.Sastry, who was the then chairman of Environ Committee, GOI and who belongs to our State and an ardent follower of Dr. Y.S.R , Sri Satish Chandra, IAS, retired Spl.CS who was Prl.Secy, Irrigation, Sri Das, IAS retired CS and who was Secretary irrigation. Dr. M.Venkateswara Rao, Engineering-inChief, Irrigation who was CE then and these were the officials behind this historical work which serves the posterity decades together, I had the opportunity to serve this yeomen service as OSD to Spl. representative Andhra Pradesh at Delhi. Dr.Y.S.R got the term of Prof.Sastry as chairman, Environment Committee extended and Prof. Sastry, but because of his experience and authority on Irrigation Projects, Dr. Y.S.R dream of getting 27 Irrigation Projects sanctioned for AP State come true. Prof. Sastry residence in Nallakuntla, the above team of officials along with members of DPRs prepared in the previous government and with concerned Projects engineers used to sit form 7 PM everyday and concluded around 2 AM next day. Prof Sastry used to thistle every aspect of Irrigation Project, mainly concentrating on R&R which is the utmost points to be followed, collecting the opinion of the public of the area and tailoring the relevant aspects keeping in view the experts in Environment committee accept and correcting for sanction.

One evening Dr Y.S.R visited Prof residence when Pulichintala DPR was for discussion and opined Pulichintala and Nettampadu, Kaleswara, Polavaram are utmost important and they are main dream Projects which cater to the Irrigation needs of the AP State. Next day I got a call from the then PS to Dr KVP garu and a informed that from that day onwards our meetings to be held in Hotel Katriya where power point presentations and elaborate discussions to be had from that day onwards, it was my duty to mobiles meetings from 8 PM ending next day morning. I used to note what all the Prof. Sastry and Sri Satish Chandra pointed out for corrections, additions and deletions for old DPRs proposed and to get relevant information from the concerned District collectors and likewise new viable DPRs technically prefect were taken to Environment Committee Delhi, receiving the experts in the Airports and getting their consents for the 27 Prestigious Irrigation Projects for the State. Hence is all due to Dr Y.S.R garu and it was my god sent opportunity to serve for the meetings at Hyderabad and as well in Delhi attended by such dedicated officials. Dr Y.S.R the real Bhagiradha long lives – His Charisma, Delicateness.

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