Valentines Week: Start with Rose Day and will lead into Valentine\'s Day on February 14.

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Valentine's Week will begin on February 7. It will start with Rose Day and will lead into Valentine's Day on February 14. Even though every day should be dedicated to love, commitment to your partner and celebration of your relationship, Valentine's is earmarked for lovers. For singles, it can be a time to focus on yourself, strengthening relationships with family and friends and loving others. However, if you are looking to celebrate Valentine's with a special someone, know the important dates in the month of love, that is February so that you don't miss out on making ever occasion special for your dear one.   

Rose Day: Feb 7

On this day, you can give red, yellow, and pink roses to various people based on their emotions. Flowers are the most delightful things, and roses are among the most popular. So this is the day for exchanging roses with romantic messages.

Propose Day: Feb 8

February 8 is Propose Day, people usually propose to their loved ones to be in a long-term relationship. Marriage proposals are sometimes made on this day as well. The second day of Valentine's Week has arrived.

Chocolate Day: Feb 9

Everyone enjoys it, the recipes are endless, and February 9th is designated as Chocolate Day for chocolate lovers. Chocolate is one of the world's most popular flavours, if not the most popular flavour on the planet.

Teddy Day: Feb 10

Teddy bears are popular among girls. The boys make it a point to give their girls a cute, fluffy teddy bear. This gift will make your partner laugh like a child.

Promise Day: Feb 11

The day you make meaningful promises to those you care about. Here are some promises you can make in order to build a long-lasting relationship.

Hug Day: Feb 12

The day honours a very beautiful expression of love - a warm, comfortable hug from a loved one that will make you forget about all your problems. Give your loved one a tight, bone-crushing hug to show them how much you care.

Kiss Day: Feb 13

The sixth day of Valentine's Week is Kiss Day. For many couples, the day of kissing is the most important. The couple kisses each other on this day.

Valentine's Day: Feb 14

On Valentine's Day, try to tell someone about your love for them or renew your commitments and marital vows, which you may have made years ago. 

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