Walking some steps after lunch and dinner can improve your physical and mental health without extra effort !!


Walking is considered an exercise of body and vision to wash out the snoozy feelings of boredom and to rejuvenate your energy with sunshine, green exposures, chirping of birds, and everyday scenes with deep meanings. While running and going to the gym sound like mechanical tasks, walking some steps after lunch and dinner can improve your physical and mental health without extra effort.

No plans, no tools, and no equipment are needed, but knowledge of the most suitable walking methods can push you toward targeted health goals. Here are some walking styles that you can try to attain elevated benefits:

Stroll Walking

Strolling or Nordic walking can help you overcome the shortness of breath. This is an incredible method for pedestrians who love to appreciate the little happy encounters with nature and the world. The Nordic method is also beneficial for cardiovascular ailments and bone health.

Brisk Walking

While brisk walking is a fast-paced method to burn calories and mitigate extra fat,. Fitness-conscious people can do brisk walking to reduce weight and measure their heart rate. Digital watches also help in the journey of increasing walking speed

Race Walking

Race walking emphasizes maintaining the fastest possible pace. While keeping just one foot on the ground in minute-fractions, race walking is a good practice to boost muscle strength and resilience

Meditative Walking

Meditative, or 'Chi walking', focuses on each step to complete a circle or path. As a mindful practice of monks, 'Chi' walking improves consciousness, alertness, cognitive abilities, and comprehension.

A light activity to grow tranquillity and cultivate hope, meditative walking allows you to slow down and breathe deeply.

Trail walking

And what's better than walking between dark green woods or roaming amid the sounds of rivers and oceans? The off-beat natural surroundings are indeed a great medium to stimulate creativity, thoughts, and new ideas.

You can also try such environmentally awake long walks on some forbidden green path to confront the miracles of planet Earth

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