Why drinking water from earthen pot could be extremely beneficial for all of us !!

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Earthen pot or commonly known as 'matka' is found in almost all Indian homes. For most of people, you may come home from outside and just want to open our refrigerator and drink cold water; but should you do that? 

The answer is no. Always prefer drinking water from matka but after few minutes when you come back home from scorching hot temperature outside.

Drinking good amount of water is crucial for maintaining good health, particularly in summertime, otherwise you may get dehydrated. Matkas or earthen pot are kept in Indian homes as they keep the water naturally cool. Here's why drinking water from earthen pot could be extremely beneficial for all of us.

6 Benefits that will always make you drink water from earthen pot:

No to cough & cold: Throat irritation might result from drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator. Clay pot water, on the other hand is soothing to the throat and doesn't cause cough and cold.

Safe to drink: Clay pots can be used to organically cleanse water and cool it.

Natural coolant: Water cools more naturally when kept in a clay pot. Water swiftly evaporates through the small pores on the clay pot’s surface. The water inside the pot loses heat during the evaporation process, bringing the temperature down.

Prevents sunstroke: Drinking water from a clay pot can help prevent sunstroke because the clay pot preserves the water’s valuable minerals and nutrients and promotes rapid hydration.

Alkaline: The majority of the food we consume turns acidic in the body but due to its alkaline composition, clay interacts with acidic foods to maintain an appropriate pH equilibrium. Hence it prevents acidity and gastric problems.

Aids digestion: Drinking clay pot water every day can increase metabolism as the minerals in the water can also help in digestion

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