Winter Health Blues : Winter diet to avoid cold and cough !!


Everyone is troubled by the problem of laziness and sleep during the winter season. This problem occurs due to an irregular circadian rhythm, due to which the body starts producing melatonin in excessive amounts. During cold weather, the level of Vitamin D in our body also decreases, which causes colds, coughs, mood swings, nervousness, and other problems. To deal with all these problems of winter, we should include certain nutrient-rich items in our diet. Which mainly includes iron and zinc. While iron is necessary to control body temperature, zinc protects us from cold 

Why is zinc important for the body?

Zinc is an essential nutrient, that improves our immune system, maintains metabolism, and neurological health, and also removes digestive problems. It is also necessary for healing of wounds. Strong immunity keeps colds and many other problems at bay. The role of nutrition is very important even in the growing age of children. Even zinc helps in keeping the skin healthy.

1. Helpful in healing wounds

Zinc works like a superhero in healing cuts and wounds. By taking an adequate amount of zinc-rich foods in the diet, it does not take much time for the wound to heal. The problem of itching increases in winter due to dry skin. Severe itching can cause wounds, in such a situation, due to the presence of zinc in the body, the wound does not become serious.

2. Helpful in the development of children

Zinc is also helpful in the growth of children. Due to the adequate quantity of it in the body, their growth continues to be good as per their age. Besides, this nutrition also helps in improving the immune system. This means that problems like cold and sore throat in winter remain away.

3. Improves fertility

Zinc is a very important nutrition not only for children but also for adults. It helps the reproductive organs to function smoothly, so couples planning a family should especially include these zinc-rich foods in their diet.

Zinc rich diet

  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Dairy products
  • Red meat
  • Fish

Include the above-given food options in your diet or take zinc supplements, both are beneficial. With this, you can stay safe from many health-related problems in winter

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