Women live longer than men healthier than men !! : Harvard Study

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Men and women differ from each other in every way, as we all know. Men can lift and run faster than women because they have more muscle mass, but did you know that males also live shorter lives and suffer from more diseases? Certainly, studies show that women tend to live longer and are thought to be healthier than men 

On the other hand, Harvard Medical recently asserted that women live longer than men based on one of its studies. They claim that nature has a significant role in it. Harvard's study identifies some elements that are thought to be the reasons why women live longer even though no one knows the precise cause of this phenomenon.

Genetics: Women and men differ right from the growth of the fetus itself, claims the Gene-Harvard Medical website. Despite the fact that both have 23 pairs of chromosomes, the first 22 pairs of chromosomes are same in both sexes, while the 23rd pair changes. While females have both X chromosomes in the 23rd pair, males have one X and one Y chromosome.

The Y chromosome is one-third smaller and contains fewer genes than the X chromosome. The major issue is that some male Y chromosomes are associated with diseases, which is why men have a higher mortality rate than women.

Hormones: As they age, the male hormone testosterone begins to sift through the heart muscles, causing a variety of cardiac ailments. Contrarily, the oestrogen hormone in women does wonders for the heart's defence. According to studies, women are less likely than men to have heart illnesses.

Reproductive organ: Males' prostate glands are the source of a variety of issues. However, you can feel that men are more secure in this regard if you consider the cases of breast cancer, uterus cancer, and uterine cancer in women. Nonetheless, data indicate that men are more likely to develop cancer.

Metabolism: Curiously, women have higher levels of the good cholesterol that safeguards the heart. Studies show that although men's good cholesterol is just 48.5 mg per deciliter, women's good cholesterol is 60.3 mg. Heart-related diseases are less likely as a result. Due to this, the danger of obesity and other disorders is also minimal and the metabolism is still active.

Social-Practical Factor: Women's diets are thought to be healthier than men's, according to study. Women work more in the home, which increases the amount of physical activity they get. Thus, women are viewed as having greater medical strength than men.

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