World Anthropology Day: To celebrate field and share information anthropology with the public.

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Every year on the third Thursday in February, World Anthropology Day allows anthropologists to celebrate their discipline and share it with the world.It takes place on February 16 this year. The day is set aside to celebrate the field and share information about anthropology with the public.

The American Anthropological Association (A.A.A.) started World Anthropology Day in 2015. It was initially called National Anthropology Day, but the name was changed to "World Anthropology Day" in 2016.

What is anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humans, human behavior, and societies in the past and present. Anthropologists take a broad approach to understanding different aspects of human experience.

Studying humans, societies, and their behaviors to better understand our world is the major objective of anthropology. The past is studied to help interpret the present.

Anthropology is divided into three subfields:

Sociocultural – interprets the content of particular cultures

Biological – studies a variety of aspects regarding human biology

Archeology – studies the remains of past and present cultural systems

Studying these subfields allows anthropologists to use each other’s knowledge to better understand why humans act the way we do, and how it affects our physical, cultural, and social environments.

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