World Chocolate Day is observed all over the globe every July 7.

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One should always celebrate little pleasures in life and one such thing which can add a little spark to our lives is chocolate. Yup! We aren't exaggerating. Chocolates have scientifically proven to boost your mood. But no, we aren't here to discuss the medical benefits of these sweet little yummy treats but to celebrate their existence. Yes, a special day has been dedicated to the delicious dessert which happens every July 7. And as the name suggests, World Chocolate Day is observed all over the globe to acknowledge having chocolates in our life.

World Chocolate Day 2021: Date

World Chocolate Day is celebrated every July 7. It was first observed in the year 2009. However, other countries like Ghana, USA don't celebrate chocolate day on this date, as they have their own dates dedicated for the special treats. Ghana, which is the second-largest producer of cocoa celebrates the day on Feb 14. Meanwhile, the United States marks this day on October 28.

World Chocolate Day 2021: Significance

Although, it is still not known who came up with the idea to celebrate this special day but, it is said that Chocolate was first brought to Europe in the 16 century. Boy! We must say, it took the Europeans quite a while to discover these bites of heaven. Yes,  July 7, 1550, is considered the day when chocolate was initially brought to the continent. 

World Chocolate Day 2021: Celebration

Since chocolates come with many health benefits too, this special day is celebrated by having chocolates. People try different lip-smacking recipes of the tasty dessert, markets flood with different varieties of products like cocoa powder, chocolate milk, choco syrup and more. So guys, what are your plans to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2021? Do let us know.

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