summer arrives Avoid sunburn and tanning here are some TIPS !!

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As soon as summer arrives, multiple health conditions, including skin disorders, develop. The majority of these entail various skin issues, the most common of which are sunburn and tanning. Actually, exposure to the sun's harmful rays damages the skin, causing rashes, ageing, tanning, and other skin problems. As a result, the face begins to look bad. To avoid any of these issues, you need to take some precautions ahead of time. And you can’t exactly stick to a 10-step skincare routine because it’s too humid outside. What you can do is try aloe ice for the skin 

Aloe ice for skin

Aloe vera is considered very beneficial for health as well as for hair and skin. It also acts as a sunscreen on your skin. This not only eliminates the problem of sunburn and tanning, but it also moisturises the skin. To use, combine a small amount of aloe vera gel and lavender oil in a mixing bowl. Then apply it to the tanning area. It is considered to be highly effective at removing tanning.

Studies have shown that icing can help your skin in a number of ways. A study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that icing offers anti-inflammatory properties that help slow down inflammation and minimize skin pores, which can help reduce excessive oil production. Another study found positive effects of using ice cubes for puffy eyes.

How to make aloe ice at home?

Take 3 stalks of freshly cut aloe vera and stand them in a bottle or jar until the yellow sap seeps out of it. Slice the aloe vera and scoop out the gel. Now, beat it in a blender until there are no chunks left. For making the aloe ice container, use an old-school hand brush for a comfortable grip. Transfer the gel into a bowl size bigger than the hand brush. Now, sink the bristles of the brush into the gel so that the top of the brush stays above the gel. Refrigerate overnight and use it on your face the next morning. Let the ice skin in and do its magic on your skin

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