KT R lashed out at BJP for body shaming his son through ugly political comments.

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Hyderabad: Industries Minister and TRS working president KT Rama Rao lashed out at BJP for body shaming his son K Himanshu through ugly political comments in the party’s mouthpiece.

On Friday, “Q News,” a social media channel conducted a public opinion poll and asked people as to where more development had taken place – Bhadrachalam temple or Himanshu’s body?

Reacting strongly on Twitter, Rama Rao, tagged BJP national president JP Nadda and said: “Sri JP Naddaji is this what you teach BJP leaders in Telangana? Is it sanskar to drag my young son and body shame him through ugly political comments in BJP’s mouthpiece? You don’t think we could reciprocate in the same coin against Amit Shah ji or Modi Ji’s family? 

Please refrain these third rate leaders and media mouthpieces of BJP from making lousy lowlife comments particularly on my children. We will be compelled to take legal action and as I much as detest it, don’t blame us when we are forced to respond with equal vigour,” he tweeted .

People from different sections extended their support to Rama Rao and wanted stern action against those who indulge in personal abuse particularly involving family members.

Sharing the screen shot of the opinion poll, Ragnar, a twitter user, tweeted: “Stooping down to conducting an opinion poll on a family member, this should not be tolerated anymore,”
Former united Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao also echoed similar sentiments in his tweet: “Should they be allowed to go scot free with all that mudslinging? You are in the government. It is a real major problem. Can you not think of a law to deal with these scums in the manner they deserve to be dealt with?

Responding to him, KT Rama Rao tweeted “Sir, Unfortunately freedom of speech or expression has become right to abuse and indulge in mudslinging. And, masquerading in the guise of SM journalism apparently confers immunity to spread canards and dish out absolute trash Social media has become haven for antisocial behavior.”

The TRS working president further tweeted “At times, I wonder whether it’s worth being in public life; especially in today’s social media times where anyone can say anything without an iota of shame or proof and dragging kids into this cesspool of YouTube channels that dish out 24/7 nonsense in the guise of journalism.

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