New normal in HITEC City, as companies prepare to open to work from office again.

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Hyderabad: The new normal in HITEC City, as companies in the city’s IT Hub prepare to open their doors for employees to work from office again, will not be just about masks or physical distancing. The very manner in which techies used to reach their office spaces is changing, with skywalks and foot-over-bridges coming up at several spots, and what more, new eateries offering delectable fare are opening on either side of the roads.

Raheja Mindspace Business Park has added several facilities for employees working on its premises. The most significant addition to the business park is a one-kilometre skywalk that connects the Raidurg Metro Station to various buildings on the campus. Making it safe to walk for those who commute to work via Metro, the roofed skywalk has been designed to let techies walk to and from offices without being bothered by traffic on the main road.

The premise also has a beautiful metal feather art installation in front of the Westin Hotel. A cafeteria at the entrance of the premises is also being constructed, not just for employees, but also for visitors. Apart from these, authorities have also increased the sidewalk area for employees, and have added benches along the way for people to sit. Several kiosks for eateries have also been made on the sidewalks, which will start functioning in a couple of months.

All the construction, however, has not disturbed the environment. The engineers working on the project have ensured that no trees were felled during the construction of the new facilities, officials said. “We were able to complete the project within one year. There is still some work left, which will take about three months to complete, post which the skywalk will be ready for all the employees,” said Srinivas Kadiyam, Deputy General Manager, Engineering Department, Raheja Mindspace, adding that the lockdown helped completion of the project at such speed.

“There were no employees or vehicles inside the campus, so we could work non-stop without any interruption. Otherwise, the project would have taken more time to complete,” he said.

Raheja Mindspace is not the only location that has got a makeover. Techies will see several new things in HITEC City as they return to offices. From renovated bus stands and broadened walking paths to various eateries below the Metro Station and benches on the sidewalk, HITEC City has it all. Keeping in mind the busy roads in the area, the authorities have also come up with foot-over-bridges for the safety of those crossing the road.

After connecting about 10 office buildings to the skywalk, officials are now working on connecting another 10 companies in the coming days. “The work is already underway. Phase I of the project connected a total of 10 buildings, which also includes Westin Hotel. Now we will connect the remaining part of the campus making it easier for the employees to walk around,” said Srinivas Kadiyam, Deputy General Manager, Engineering Department, Raheja Mindspace .

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