Plan to relocate 415 families from Amrabad Tiger Reserve


 After relocating 94 families from the Kawal Tiger Reserve   (KTR) last year, the State Forest department is now gearing up to relocate about 415 families from the  Amrabad Tiger Reserve 

To this effect, ATR officials have prepared a preliminary plan to relocate the 415 families from Sarlapally, Kudichintalabailu, Kollampeta and Tatigindala villages. These families are likely to be relocated to Bacharam and other areas on the Nagarkurnool-Kollapur route

The relocation of four villages from ATR limits would result in securing nearly 1192 hectares of forest lands. The local forest officials have already presented their plans before the District Level Committee headed by the District Collector.

Once the District Level Committee approves the proposals, they would be forwarded to the State Level Committee. Eventually, it would be sent to the National Tiget Conservation Authority (NTCA) for final approval, said a senior official.

Like the relocation of 94 families from Rampur and Mysaram in Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) to Madipadaga, ATR officials too are proposing to offer either a cash compensation of Rs.15 lakh or land to the beneficiaries. Each family would be considered as a unit. It would be the beneficiary’s choice to opt for either the cash or land, the official informed.

Already, different departments have been directed to expedite development of the identified land and provision of basic amenities like road connectivity, water and power supply.

“Once the NTCA gives accords formal approval, the relocation exercise will be commenced in a month,” the official said.

The idea of relocating the families from four villages from ATR to Bacharam was to ensure that there was no human-wildlife conflict, development of biodiversity and welfare of local residents, especially Chenchus , the official said.

Initially, families from the four villages would be relocated, followed by a few from Vatvarpally in the second phase, he added

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