legal notices served Allu Arjun Rapido nothing personal : TSTCMD Sajjanar

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Hyderabad: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation managing director VC Sajjanar has said on Wednesday that he had nothing personal against actor Allu Arjun or bike taxi app Rapido, against whom legal notices were served on Tuesday in connection with an advertisement.

In a YouTube video released on Wednesday, Sajjanar said he had no personal interest in sending legal notices to anyone. However, degrading or showing public transport in bad light, in this case, the TSRTC, would not be tolerated.

He said the private firm (Rapido) had released an ad showing the TSRTC in bad light. Moreover, the way in which they tried to promote their product by portraying the competitor’s product as not good was not ‘good business ethics’, he said.

Actors, before being part of such advertisements, should also remember that for the RTC has been in the service of the common man for decades, reaching places where no other modes of transport are available for the poor. They have to think twice before acting in such ads because they can influence public opinion and people listen to them, he said.

Stating that he had sent notices asking the firm to immediately withdraw the ad, Sajjanar said he hoped ‘they would understand our feelings and withdraw the ad’, failing which the TSRTC would proceed as per law.

The issue had begun on Tuesday following Allu Arjun’s advertisement for Rapido, in which he is seen showing a crowded RTC bus and telling a youngster that RTC buses take more time to reach their destination and to instead download the app and opt for Rapido. The ad did not go down well the TSRTC and a lot of RTC passengers as well with many raising their voice against it.

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