A tailor innovative way appreciation in Writing KCR Koti one lakh times similar to Rama Koti.

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Khammam: A tailor based in Khammam has come up with an innovative way to display his appreciation and affection for Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao – writing ‘KCR Koti’ one lakh times similar to ‘Rama Koti.’

People usually take up Rama Koti, a religious tradition of writing the name of Lord Rama one crore times. But this tailor took the tradition to a different level with his KCR Koti to express his love for the Chief Minister.

VK Narasimha Rao, a resident of Aziz Galli in the city, said he was impressed by the welfare schemes implemented by the TRS government and wanted to thank the Chief Minister for his concern for weaker sections through KCR Koti.

He embarked on the task during the first lockdown period and completed it during the second lockdown period. He also created patterns such as Sri and KCR using different coloured inks. “Another meaning for the word Koti in Sanskrit is excellence and with my work, I have tried to highlight how the TRS government brought a significant change in the lives of the poorer and weaker sections,” Narasimha Rao told Media

The 47-year-old tailor said his family was a beneficiary of schemes implemented by the State government. He said his father K Radha Krishna receives an old-age pension of Rs 2,000 every month.

His two sons are studying in BC Gurukuls, which the TRS government launched to ensure quality education for BC students. His elder son K Nihal is studying 10th standard at Bhongir BC Gurukul while his second son K Vishal is studying 8th standard at Kunchaparthi Gurukul in Sathupalli Mandal.

“The government is spending around Rs 2.50 lakh on our children’s education annually and including my father’s pension, our family is receiving benefits worth around Rs 3 lakh every year. It shows how the TRS government is helping the weaker sections,” he said and asserted that lakhs of families like his in the State are receiving government support in different forms. “In the past, there were no such schemes and I wanted to show my gratitude to the Chief Minister,” he said.

Rao, who is keen on presenting his ‘KCR Koti’ to the Chief Minister personally, said SUDA Chairman Bachu Vijay Kumar was his customer and he will try to get an appointment with his help sometime soon to fulfil his wish.

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