Bhu Bharati introduced some 30-40 years ago. Dharani is reliable : KCR


Hyderabad: Chief Minister and BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao hit out at the Congress and its manifesto on Friday, targeting it for the promise to scrap the Dharani land registration system and replace it with ‘Bhu Bharathi’ (since renamed ‘Bhumata’), another online system, which the party .

Addressing election meetings in Karimnagar, Choppadandi, Huzurabad and Parkal constituencies and stumping for BRS candidates, Rao continued his attack on the Congress and its promises and guarantees.

He dismissed the Congress promise to bring back Bhu Bharathi, saying it was the system that was in existence in the past before the formation of Telangana state, but that did nothing for farmers as middlemen and brokers ruled the roost.

Speaking in Choppadandi, the BRS president said, "Bhu Bharati was introduced some 30-40 years ago. Dharani is reliable, transparent and only land owning farmers can make any changes in the land records of their holdings. Whether you want Dharani to continue or allow the Congress to throw it into the Bay of Bengal is your choice. The decision whether you want someone who works for farmers’ welfare or someone who will throw your lives into disarray is yours. If you choose the Congress, then even I cannot do anything after that. "People also have before them a decision to make on whether they want a BRS government that provides 24 hour power supply, or a Congress rule which will give three hours of power. It is for you to decide which of these two you want. We also give Rythu Bandhu which the Congress leaders say is a waste of money," Rao said.

Addressing another election meeting in Karimnagar, Rao said he had travelled across half of Telangana and was certain that the BRS will be returning to power for the third time.

"The future for Telangana is brighter, and irrespective of who says what about the BRS we are winning. We are definitely winning, we are with the people and the people are with us. And people will spring a surprise for opposition parties who are claiming they are going to win," he said.

Rao, across his different meetings, also continued to call on people to use their vote carefully, not get swayed by bombastic promises of the opposition parties. Pay attention to the parties that the candidates belong to, review what their parties have done for the people and the state. Ask yourselves if they care for farmers, and where they will take the state if they are voted to power," he said.

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