Energy department is gearing up to meet increasing power supply requirements in TS State

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Hyderabad: The Energy department is gearing up to meet the increasing power supply requirements in the State since the demand touched 11,554 MW on January 9, as against the total consumption of 11,500 MW in January 2021 .

Consequent to the rise in demand from agriculture and domestic sectors, the power distribution companies (discoms) are leaving no stone unturned to ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers With the area under cultivation in the State going up significantly coupled with increased use of power by domestic consumers’ especially regular use of electronic appliances and gadgets by those working from home due to Covid resulted in increase in the demand for power .

The power supply demand on January 1, 2022 was 11,240 MW and it went up to 11,554 MW on January 9, 2022. In view of the current situation, the discoms are anticipating more demand for power supply in the next few days.

Sources said the discoms were ready to tackle the situation even if the demand goes up to 16,000 MW and accordingly, have chalked out a plan. The highest peak demand of 13,688 MW power supply was recorded in March 2020.

Sources said the cultivation area in the State had gone up substantially after the State government successfully completed construction of major irrigation projects. “Telangana is the government in the country that has been supplying quality and uninterrupted power supply round-the-clock for the agriculture sector,” the sources pointed out.

Before State formation, there were power cuts lasting over four to eight hours to the domestic sector and power holiday twice a week for the industrial sector. The agriculture sector used to get only four to six hours of power supply. Complaints pertaining to explosion of transformers and burning of electrical motors were common before 2014. Incidents of farmers either getting electrocuted or killed due to snake bites were many during undivided Andhra Pradesh.

But after Telangana was formed, the State government resolved all the problems by strengthening the energy department and later lifted power cuts completely, the sources said.

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