Huzurabad battle between two poor and Rich Two Guntas and 200 Acres : Harish Rao.

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Huzurabad: Huzurabad broke into centre-stage in the State on Wednesday, wearing a festive look, following the announcement of Gellu Srinivas Yadav as the TRS candidate for the Assembly by-poll and the simultaneous launch of the ruling party’s campaign that brought thousands out onto the streets across the constituency.

Motorcycle rallies, bursting of firecrackers, distribution of sweets and garlanding of BR Ambedkar statue preceded the formal launch of the TRS campaign by Finance Minister T Harish Rao at Ellanthakunta. The Minister arrived there along with Srinivas Yadav even as the latter’s candidature was announced in Hyderabad.

“The by-poll would be a battle between one person owning two guntas and another in possession of 200 acres,” Harish said, referring to Srinivas Yadav’s humble background and BJP leader Eatala Rajender’s massive wealth. “This will essentially be a fight between the TRS and the BJP, and the people will have to choose between development and empty promises. Think twice before you cast your vote. Do you expect Rajender to develop the Huzurabad constituency sitting in the opposition when he did not do it when he was a Minister?” he asked the gathering at ‘Huzurabad Ashirvada Sabha’ organised in the town to seek the blessings of the constituents for the TRS in the upcoming by-poll.

Stating that only the TRS government can develop the Huzurabad constituency, Harish, who will lead the TRS brigade during the campaign, struck an emotional chord with the gathering when he said he would take personal responsibility for its development. He demanded that Rajender and the BJP leadership explain what they would do for the constituency’s development if voted to power. “People want development and welfare. The BJP leadership, including its candidate, should come out in the open and explain their developmental plans for Huzurabad,” he said, adding that the TRS government is implementing numerous welfare and developmental programmes like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, Aasara pensions, Kalyana Lakshmi/Shaadi Mubarak, KCR Kits, and is all set to take up Dalit Bandhu for the welfare and uplift of the poor.

The Minister said Rajender, who claimed to have the Leftist ideology in his DNA, had not only abandoned it but also committed political ‘harakiri’ by switching over to a right-wing party.

“Rajender joined the BJP only to protect his properties but not for the development of the Huzurabad constituency. From the time he joined the BJP, his language has also changed. He is using unparliamentary words while addressing the Chief Minister, who, in fact, gave him a political life. He is using similar language against me, but I will continue to address him respectfully since I have not abandoned my ideologies and values,” he said.

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